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Actress: Aborting my baby made my life ‘a million times better’


(LIFE NEWS) – According to one actress, ending her unborn baby’s life only improved her own.

In a recent video gone largely unnoticed by the media, Jameela Jamil doubled down on her abortion position. The Good Place actress came out publicly in support of abortion back in 2019, when she called her past abortion the “best decision” she had “ever made.” In her latest comments made on February 5, she said the same thing. Abortion made her life a “million times better,” she said, while an unwanted baby can “f***ing ruin everything.”

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In interviews and on social media, Jamil has become outspoken on abortion. “My life *is* more important” than a “clump of cells,” she argued in 2019. Plus, abortion will “help the earth a lot.”

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