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An Alarming Video of Joe Biden Leaked (Watch Video)


What’s going on here? Joe does­n’t even know and it’s real­ly uncomfortable…Demen­tia describes a group of symp­toms affect­ing mem­o­ry, think­ing and social abil­i­ties severe­ly enough to inter­fere with your dai­ly life. It isn’t a spe­cif­ic dis­ease, but sev­er­al dif­fer­ent dis­eases may cause dementia.Though demen­tia gen­er­al­ly involves mem­o­ry loss, mem­o­ry loss has dif­fer­ent caus­es. Hav­ing mem­o­ry loss alone does­n’t mean you have dementia.Alzheimer’s dis­ease is the most com­mon cause of a pro­gres­sive demen­tia in old­er adults, but there are a num­ber of caus­es of demen­tia. Depend­ing on the cause, some demen­tia symp­toms may be reversible.Cog­ni­tive changes Mem­o­ry loss, which is usu­al­ly…

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