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Banking on Trans Kids


Transgender kids are a cash-grab for Planned Parenthood — this, according to a post last week by Abigail Shrier, a journalist and author on transgenderism in children.

Shrier cites a former Planned Parenthood staffer — unnamed in the article — who disclosed how the abortion giant profits from giving male hormone treatments to underage girls. The former employee observed transgender kids will keep returning to Planned Parenthood for hormone treatment, blood work, and so on — giving the company multiple opportunities for profit.

The specific abortuary where the employee worked had a so-called “gender counselor” on staff — a person with little medical training who had gone through transgender transitioning.

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Planned Parenthood's website touts its offerings in so-called “trans health care.”

Shrier: “So the puzzle is why, out of nowhere in the last decade, have we seen a sudden and sharp spike of teenage girls who have no childhood history of gender dysphoria suddenly deciding they're trans, often with their girlfriends?”

Shrier, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, has been sounding the alarm about pushing transgenderism in teens. Her book (published last year), Irreversible Damage, is a dire warning about gender dysphoria in teenage girls.

Shrier: “And for the first time in history, it's overwhelmingly affecting teenage girls.”

She claims teen girls will start identifying as male due to various factors, like mental health problems and social pressure.

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Shrier: “And it happens to be the very same population that finds themselves in the grips of every other hysteria from anorexia, multiple personality disorders; these, you know, these things that girls magnify in each other by spreading their pain.”

Giving testosterone to an underage girl has a slew of negative long-term side-effects, including heart-attacks, infertility and endometrial cancer.

Pro-trans leftists have tried to cancel Shrier and those who give her a platform, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Shrier: “They self-diagnose. They say, 'No, no, I know it's my problem.' They don't have a mental health professional who says, 'Oh wait a second, hold on. You have very high anxiety, depression — you have a lot of other mental health stuff going on. Let's deal with that first.'”

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LGBT activists continue pushing for transgenderism in children despite a higher rate of suicide and numerous other mental and physical health risks.

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