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Biden Considers COVID Travel Bans Within U.S., Florida A Target


Since COVID-19 first made its debut in the United States, the Democrats have used the virus to push their complete control agenda. From useless mandates to prolonged lockdowns, the Dems have been able to use their power to dictate how people respond to the virus. Now, it appears on top of toying with the idea that people would need the vaccine to travel, Biden might impose travel bans on states that don’t comply. And who do you think the first target is – Florida.

That’s right, while most Americans believe that the virus will always be around and we will have to learn to live with it, Biden still wants to run and hide. Not only does he want to hide, but he is also now using the virus to push an agenda against people he doesn’t like. Those people included none other than Republicans Marco Rubio and the always popular Ron DeSantis. Over the months, the pair have chastised Joe Biden and his lackluster administration when it comes to how fearful they are over the virus.

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But now, Biden and his dedicated team of Democrats are looking to set more restrictions on the American people by banning travel to certain states that don’t comply with the mandates. As DeSantis put it, “any attempt to restrict by the federal government would be an attack on our state done purely for political purposes.”

Rubio also didn’t shy away from the conversation and his willingness to fight for the American people. He said, “So now that they’re considering actual restrictions on Americans inside the country, I think it is unconstitutional. I think it’s going to be challenged in court successfully.”

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While the White House continues to deny that they will enforce travel bans within the United States, Press Secretary did say, “no decisions have been made around additional public health measures that would change domestic travel.”

And that is very important because while Biden claims that he won’t put restrictions on the American people, that doesn’t mean he isn’t considering the idea. Remember, this is the same man who stole an election by gaining more votes than any other President in history.

What does that mean exactly? Maybe the fact that Biden will do whatever he is advised to do. And with the Democrats holding complete control – there are only a select few who could actually stop him.

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on February 15, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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