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Biden, The Pale Horse


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians, 6:12

Perhaps you may have heard America is turning blue. Were you to tune in to most any mainstream source of information during our recent presidential election, you would have invariably encountered this ill-connoted phrase being uttered with a zeal that one might easily mistake for piety. It is in light of this that I hope readers may overlook the overtly religious theme of the article to follow, and instead judge it on its literary merits, for I propose that one need not be Bible-believing to find it’s reading profitable, and in fact, it is for such audiences that I found it worthwhile to write.

Though it may exist for no other purpose than to seduce and disarm a reader and render him more willing to take productive action – like the infectious melody of an avian mating call, or the hypnotic beauty of flower in bloom – a poetic turn of phrase may serve us in the same manner. And though there are many who would argue the divine origins of The Holy Bible, there are rare few who contest the sublimity of its contents. I myself do not intend to declare it a biblical fact that Joe Biden is literally the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, but rather by its contemplation, dissolve the inhibitions of those who might otherwise reject such a notion as matter of reflex and thus avoid edification.

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” Revelation, 6:8

Be you devout Christian or apostate, it is difficult to deny Joe Biden is an apocalyptic allegory. His body with it’s tentative, faltering gate intimates a pale, dying animal overburdened by a spirit of death that rests upon it. It is this spirit of death that we most concern ourselves with. It is a spirit that has been, since the inception of the current Chinese plague, wholly preoccupied with the number of lives the pestilence has claimed. As he famously retorted, “We are learning to die with it.” As President, Biden’s policies reflect the same ghastly spirit, not least of which is his shameless affinity for abortion. His inclination is against any vibrant or vivacious policy and toward stagnation, be it through the embrace of stifling lock downs, the suffocation of free speech, or job killing economic policies. He is defined by his rejection of growth in any form and a marked preference for atrophy.

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These illustrations may be dismissed as hyperbole, but certainly not more readily than any argument to the contrary. But let us consider the matter of Biden’s Presidential campaign slogan: “The battle for the Soul of the Nation”. It is no exaggeration to suggest such a motto is decidedly ominous in it’s meaning, literal or otherwise.  And it is just as reasonable as it is terrifying to conclude that as many would have unquestioningly joined the campaign dirge had his slogan instead been: “I’m coming, and Kamala is coming with me.”

“And power was given unto them over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth”

You may dismiss as coincidence the fact that the Biden-Harris administration is presently in authority over roughly 25% of the world’s gross domestic production, but it is a fourth part nonetheless. Likewise, it is a simple fact that they exercise unfettered military jurisdiction over the Northwest quarter of the globe. And you may initially reject the possibility that the present regime would be capable of engaging in a slaughter of such biblical proportions, but one need look no further than the present garrison that encompasses the American seat of government, armed to the hilt, their weapons trained outward, to envision a scenario in which the Commander In Chief would unleash the sword of the US military upon it’s citizenry. Meanwhile, Biden wields the COVID body count, death itself, as a weapon to destroy our productivity and our livelihoods.

And who would make a more suitable harbinger of hell on earth than Kamala Devi Harris, who immediately upon the usurpation of our government, was so crass as to place an unsightly monument to vanity and self-exaltation therein? Who else but a vocal and enthusiastic enabler of the numerous pandemonia that have gripped our US cities? Who but the foulest creature could look upon a burning metropolis, overrun with lawlessness and debauchery, and hail it as beautiful and glorious, and as a noble trend to be propagated throughout the land?  And is it not an entity of such extreme aberrance that is perfectly suited to preside over the debased den of corruption that is our present US Senate? What description would be more precise than “spirit of anti-Christ” in referring to one who so relishes the forced masking of our population, the domestic imprisonment of our children, the perversion of our sexual identities, and laws that persecute Christians for congregating in their churches to give praise to God?

To the objective mind there can be no doubt that Christians are quite reasonable in the belief that today, perhaps more than ever, we are struggling against spiritual wickedness in high places. But for those unbelievers, an equally compelling case can also be made. An attitude of anti-Christ need not be shrouded in religious mystery.

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It is plain enough even to the secularist that good is preferable to evil, that man is not woman, and our innate ability to know such fundamental truths is superior to a willing ignorance of it. Likewise, the rulers of the darkness of this world need not be constrained within a religious context in order to be perceived. By any standard, Joe Biden’s personification of death is as evident as is Harris’ devilishness. Only those that refuse to expose themselves to such a point of view and continue to imbibe the intoxicating elixir of mainstream media unquestioningly, will fail to recognize that there is an undeniable malevolence that guides the actions of our present political leaders, and in so doing, make themselves willing slaves to a religion of death, ushers to help conduct humanity into a hell on earth.

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