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Biden, Who Got Vaccinated Twice Before Inauguration Day, Says Vaccines Weren’t Available Until He Took Office


In a Townhall this weekend, Joe Biden falsely claimed that vaccines were not available when he came into office:

This is especially humorous because Joe Biden has received not one, but two shots prior to his eerie empty inauguration:

Many on the left have suggested that Biden was loosely referencing the supply of vaccines rather than his own personal vaccination.  Even if that is the case–and it may be given his frequent inability to form solid sentence structures and thoughts, he is still wrong.  Donald Trump had ordered hundreds of millions of vaccines and future options for vaccines long before Biden ever took office under Operation Warp Speed.

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Biden and everyone else on the left insisted vaccines could not be obtained in such a short period of time, including the so-called experts who said it would take anywhere from 18 months to many years.

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So, what do you think audience: is Beijing Biden senile or just playing politics while trying to take credit for Trump’s work?

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