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Bill Gates Bashes Parler, Says It’s Great for People Who Like “Crazy Stuff”


The following article, Bill Gates Bashes Parler, Says It’s Great for People Who Like “Crazy Stuff”, was first published on Big League Politics.

Billionaire globalist Bill Gates recently expressed his opinion about the alternative social media site Parler, calling it a great place for people into “crazy stuff” and “Holocaust denial.”

Gates’ comments came during The New York Times DealBook Summit on Tuesday.

Someone who signs up for Parler is signaling to the world that he likes “crazy stuff,” Gates said. “If you want Holocaust denial, hey, Parler is going to be great for you.”

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Parler specifically appeals to conservatives and other right-wingers, some of whom have been censored by—or deplatformed from—Twitter. Parler dubs itself as “an unbiased social media focused on real user experiences and engagement,” a place for “free expression without violence and censorship.”

Numerous conservative journalists, media personalities, and politicians have joined Parler over the past few months, with a surge of new users coming in the days after Election Night. Alternative platforms will become even more significant as Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook continue to bring the hammer down against conservatives and right-wingers of all stripes.

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Parler may have its technical kinks and interface issues, but it’s a work in progress and will only improve as more people join.

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