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Brave Teen Saves the Lives of a Mom and Three Children by Pulling Them From a Burning Car

A Connecticut teenager was walking down the street when he saw something that made his heart sink. A small SUV covered in flames drove past him and he could see a little girl out of the car window. The Waterbury Police Department received multiple calls on Sept. 9, describing a woman trapped inside a burning vehicle, officials said in a Facebook post. Justin Gavin, 18, was on a walk to a local Walgreens when he first realized that there was a car on fire. Drivers honked their horns and got out of their cars to notify the mother driving the burning vehicle that it was in flames, Gavin said. “I’m yelling stop the car! Your car is on fire! Your car is on fire!” Gavin told CNN. However, the mother couldn’t stop. That’s when Gavin says he didn’t have time to think and just sprang into action. He chased down …

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