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BREAKING: Trump Plaza Implodes While Crowd Cheers [VIDEO]


A large crowd gathered on the beach in Atlantic City today to say “goodbye” to Trump Plaza. The plaza opened in 1984 and after 30 years, was shut down in 2009. Trump’s casino, a victim of an oversaturated casino market in Atlantic City, NJ, was the last of four casinos to close. The building has remained vacant since that time.

Billionaire Carl Icahn now owns the property where Trump Plaza once stood.

Not everyone who came to see the Trump Plaza implode cheered, many were employees of the Trump Plaza who were heartbroken to see it come down.

ScooterCaster, who does a great job of reporting, shared this video footage of the Trump Plaza implosion.

The Atlantic City, NJ mayor attempted to raise $1 million for charity by offering unhinged Trump haters willing to pay the price to push the button that would implode the building. In his press conference following the implosion of the Trump Plaza that employed so many local residents, Mayor Small appeared to be gleeful over the demolition.

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Fox 29 reports – The decision to push the demolition to February came after Bodnar’s Auction canceled its solicitation of bids, citing a letter from Icahn’s company instructing it not to proceed with the auction because it considered the public “spectacle” to be a safety risk, with the possibility of flying debris injuring the person pressing the demolition button, or others gathered nearby.

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“It’s a great day here in the city of Atlantic City,” adding that he came up with the idea to tear the building down, calling it an “eyesore.”

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