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Caught on camera: Masked criminals beat man with gun, steal his truck

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Three men wearing masks and armed with handguns were caught on video terrorizing a man before beating him up and stealing his pickup truck from in front of his home on Wednesday, November 11th. 

In the Northeastern New Orleans community of Little Wood, in broad daylight around 4 p.m., the three demanded the man’s vehicle keys. When he refused to hand them over, he was beaten several times with a handgun until he relented.

The video showed the group of suspects walking by the man’s driveway as the victim was looking into the bed of his truck. All three men pulled out weapons – two pistols and an AK-47-style rifle – and approached him.

He put up his hands and then goes off camera – the suspects move toward the truck, words are exchanged, and the man is assaulted with a pistol. The suspects fled in the man’s truck as he falls to the ground. He suffered several wounds to his head.

The three masked suspects are still on the loose.

On Monday, a mother and her child were carjacked at gunpoint in the Mid-City section of New Orleans – again in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon.

The 33-year-old woman was placing her child in the vehicle’s back seat, when a single male with a gun approached her and demanded she relinquish her vehicle.

The woman later posted on Facebook:

“It all happened so fast. And by far was the worst and scariest experience of my life.”

On Monday, November 9th alone, New Orleans saw at least seven carjacking’s inside its city limits. The crimes started early, around 1:32 a.m., in the 700 block of South Jefferson Davis Pkwy. when a 32-year-old woman who was parking her car was carjacked.

A police report relayed the numerous crimes:

“(A) white sedan pulled in front of her. Armed suspect exited passenger side of sedan and demanded victim exit at gunpoint. Victim complied. Suspect fled in victim’s vehicle.”

On Monday afternoon, a 55-year-old woman was carjacked at Saint Roch Avenue and North Miro Street.

“Suspect approached victim, who was in her vehicle, opened door and demanded victim exit. Victim complied. Suspect fled in victim’s vehicle.”

Around 5:30 p.m., a 29-year-old man was robbed of his vehicle at Prentiss Avenue and Eads Street.

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“Unknown armed suspect approached victim and demanded victim’s vehicle. Victim complied. Suspects fled in victim’s vehicle.”

Police indicated the suspects were two males.

At about 8 p.m., a 36-year-old woman and her child were carjacked in the 2100 block of Alvar Street.

“Victim #1 stepped away from her vehicle. Suspect approached and ordered Victim #2 out of vehicle. Victim complied. Suspect fled in victim’s vehicle.”

Just after 9 p.m., a 47-year-old woman told police two unknown black males took her car at gunpoint in the 11900 block of the North I-10 Service Road.

“Victim loading her vehicle when approached by two unknown suspects. One suspect pulled out handgun and demanded victim’s keys. Victim complied. Suspects fled in victim’s vehicle.”

The seventh reported carjacking on Monday occurred just after 9:30pm in the 13900 block of Linden Street.

A 49-year-old woman walked away from her car, but didn’t turn off the engine. An “unknown black male” not only took the car, but held her up for what she had on her person too.

“Victim entered location and left her vehicle running. When she returned to vehicle, suspect pointed gun at her and demanded belongings. Suspect fled in victim’s vehicle.”

Several things or factors come to light here – carjackers are targeting older men, like in the first story where the man was assaulted, or women and children, with the exception of the one 29-year-old male. It appears they’re looking for people who may not be able to defend themselves.

In Louisiana, however, that is a strong gamble, given the inordinate amount of people who are licensed for concealed carry, and may choose not to cooperate with a thief.


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Texas toddler killed in attempted carjacking just weeks before his second birthday

October 6, 2020

FORT WORTH, TX – Just weeks before his second birthday, a toddler died during what police say was an attempted carjacking. 

Over the weekend, 1-year-old Zayden McLean was killed by a hit-and-run driver who police believe was attempting to steal his mother’s car. They say the accused thief ran into both mother and son before speeding off. 

The Dallas Morning News reported that Bailey Bingham, Zayden’s mom, was meeting his dad Shea McLean in a parking lot over the weekend to exchange custody. 

Around 4 p.m. Sunday, the media outlet said the family was outside the Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas when they became the unsuspecting targets of the heinous crime. 

A man, now identified by police as Nico Lorenzo Dela-Fuente, reportedly interrupted the custody exchange to try to steal Bingham’s car.  

Officers say McLean hopped into the to try to stop Dela-Fuente. The two struggled as the car was in reverse. 

Fox 4 News reported that Fort Worth Police Officer Gezim Pollozani told reporters that Bingham was holding her son “in her arms as the vehicle was reversing and it struck the parent and the child, causing both the parent and the child to fall.” 

The TV station continued to quote Officer Pollozani, as saying: 

“The suspect then put the vehicle in drive and ran over the child and crashed into a tree.” 

It is believed that this was a random crime with police saying there was no prior link between the want-to-be carjacker and the family of the toddler. 

Police arrested Dela-Fuente, who they say had to go to the hospital to be treated for injuries after the crash. There is no word yet on the extent of those injuries or if he has since been booked into jail.

Officers have told the Dallas Morning News that Dela-Fuente will be charged with capital murder and aggravated robbery. The murder charge is expected to carry a bail amount of $500,000 and the robbery charge could bring an additional $100,000 bond. 

Court records show Dela-Fuente has not yet been charged. 

In the Fort Worth area, he does not have a notable criminal history. 

Court records show the 30-year-old has only faced charges for driving while license invalid and failure to maintain financial responsibility. Both are traffic crimes. 

Police have yet to issue a press release or social media update on the case. 

The family of the young victim has told local news outlets that the toddler was initially taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center with skull fractures, bleeding on the brain and road rash. 

Fox 4 reported that is where he died from his injuries. 

Now, a GoFundMe campaign is trying to raise money for funeral expenses and medical bills and “all the things no parent should have to face.” 

The page reads: 

“It is saddened with our hearts that this story has hit home. With welcoming arms, Zayden McLean went to heaven on October 4, 2020. Anyone who knew Zayden knew how much he was loved by his mother, Bailey Bingham, and father, Shea McLean. He was a child of love and spirit. Everyone who knew him loved him, and that love will continue to carry.” 

As of Tuesday afternoon, the GoFundMe has brought in more than $25,000 of the $50,000 fundraising goal. 

Zayden’s grandmother, Vickie Bingham spoke with Fox 4 News. She described the 1-year-old as “an angel on Earth, and now he’s an angel in heaven.” 

Bingham told the news outlet: 

“It almost seems like Zayden was born, like he knew he didn’t have much time looking back. It’s almost like he was born knowing that he wasn’t going to have a long life. There’s a song, ‘Live Like You’re Dying.’ And that’s what he did. He loved laughing. He played.” 

She also asked for support for the baby’s parents: 

“We just want prayers for our daughter and Zayden’s dad. They saw a lot, and they need prayers. They need healing.” 


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