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Check Out the View Biden Had During His PA “Rally”….A Sea of Trump Flags and Several Hundred Trump Supporters


The Bidens didn’t have a good day in Pennsylvania.

It was actually a disaster.


It started off with Trump supporters flooding his weird “drive-in” event, where his very few supporters show up in their cars to listen to him speak.

As Trump says, it’s a strange set-up.


So, problem #1 for Biden was the fact that there were WAY MORE Trump supporters at his shindig than his own supporters.

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And the Trump supporters who showed up were loud and rowdy, and that really, really got under Joe’s skin.

He ended up losing it, and at one point angrily called them all “CHUMPS.”

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Here’s a video of the crowd:


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OANN’s reporter Jack Posobiec shared a pic of what Joe was looking at while he lost it…a sea of Trump flags and hundreds of Trump supporters.

And now that we see the “scene” he was staring at during his speech, we can see why he was so angry.

Check it out:

After his abysmal debate performance, and all the damning evidence pouring out from his son’s laptop, a disastrous day in “must-win” PA was the last thing Team Biden needed, but it’s what they ended up with.

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The tide is turning…can you feel it?


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