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Chris Cuomo Dealt Ultimate Humiliation As His Brother’s Scandal Explodes


Andrew Cuomo is in some serious trouble…


After it was discovered that he was responsible for covering up the COVID-19 death tolls from nursing homes, people have been calling for his head on a silver platter.

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Well, everyone except for his brother Chris Cuomo, who has completely glazed over the entire scandal.

But this move is proving to be quite disastrous for Chris as he’s now been placed under a ban by CNN from reporting on anything to do with his brother/

From New York Post

CNN claimed Wednesday that it has reinstated a “rule” that prevents Chris Cuomo from “interviewing or covering his brother” — after the host completely ignored the nursing home death cover-up scandal engulfing Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Last year, Chris Cuomo repeatedly interviewed his older brother about the coronavirus pandemic, engaging in often-cringey banter that initially helped boost the ratings for the 9 p.m. “Cuomo Prime Time.”

But the controversy over the Cuomo administration’s admitted cover-up of nursing home death numbers — exclusively revealed by The Post last week — hasn’t been mentioned on Chris’ hour-long show.

That’s despite coverage on other CNN shows, including Sunday’s “State of the Union,” on which host Jake Tapper criticized the state Health Department’s since-rescinded, March 25 directive for nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients.

“So Gov. Cuomo, who has declined to appear on this show despite dozens of requests over the past year, including this past week, made a bad decision that may have cost lives,” Tapper said.

“And then his administration hid that data from the public.”


Well that’s a serious blow to not only Chris Cuomo’s ego, but also his reputation as a “journalist.”

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Although we doubt that this will have much affect on “fake news” CNN.

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