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CNN’s “Fact-Check” of Dominion Backfires and Whips Up Even More Concern and Suspicion


You can’t make this up…CNN twisted themselves into a pretzel to try and provide “cover” for Dominion Voting Systems with one of their laughable “fact-checks,” but ended up literally making matters a thousand times worse for the troubled company.


Here’s the lowdown: CNN was trying to squash any connection between Dominion, Venezuela, Clintons, and Soros…but that’s impossible to do because they are connected in one way, shape, or form.

So CNN comes up with a “clever” (and by “clever” I actually mean “dumb”) way to distance Dominion from all these entities and people they’re in bed with by claiming there are no “corporate ties” between Dominion, Venezuela, Clintons, and Soros.


Um, not sure anyone cares about what KIND OF TIES they have CNN, we’re just worried that there are any ties at all…and thanks to your “fact-checking” piece, we now have you on record saying there are ties.

Thank you, CNN!

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Check it out:

From NO Q Report

Hundreds of thousands of Americans learned today that Dominion Voting Systems has connections to Venezuela, George Soros, and the Clintons. The source of these revelations is hilarious because they were attempting to debunk claims about questionable ties to criminal enterprises both foreign and domestic. It was CNN. Their intention was to keep the voter fraud company in the shadows, but instead they exposed them even further.

The “fact-check” they ran pertained to claims made during a press conference held by President Trump’s attorneys detailing how they were moving forward with efforts to provide a lawful conclusion to the presidential election. One of the attorneys, Sidney Powell, brought up Dominion Voting Systems and their ties to Venezuela, George Soros, and the Clintons.

How did CNN handle the claims? By “debunking” it through technicalities. They didn’t try to pretend like there were no connections between the fraudulent voting system and leftist criminal groups. Instead, they said there was essentially no legally binding, official ties. Then, they revealed that there are clearly ties, just as Powell said in the conference. From their fact-check:

Powell claimed that widely used voting machines from the election technology company Dominion Voting Systems featured software created “at the direction” of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to swing his own election results, and that the company has ties to the Clinton Foundation and Soros. Facts first: None of this is true. Dominion has no corporate ties with Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation or Soros.

They have “no corporate ties,” according to CNN. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that Venezuela, the Clintons, and Soros are not collectively stupid enough to establish official corporate ties and a verifiable paper trail with a company they use to illegally change votes.


I mean, with the CNN clowns on your side, who needs enemies, right?

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But seriously, this sort of bizarre “nitpicking” is such an obvious reach, and all that does is make the American people wonder yet again, why on earth the media is tripping over themselves and overreaching to provide cover for some random and very questionable and controversial voting systems company out of Toronto, Canada.

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