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Convicted felon fleeing stolen car crash arrested after mistaking police car for his Uber


TENAFLY, NJ – There’s a new proverbial induction into the world-famous library of world’s dumbest criminals.

In this instance, a convicted felon who allegedly tried fleeing the scene of a stolen car crash, had accidentally mistook a police vehicle for an Uber he ordered to help facilitate his escape from authorities.

Needless to say, the suspect in this case was apprehended successfully shortly thereafter.

According to reports, Officer Manuel Fidel from the Tenafly Police Department was scanning the area of West Hudson Avenue in Englewood after a reported vehicular crash occurred before 5:30 p.m. on February 10th.

While Officer Fidel was searching the area, a reportedly winded 28-year-old Michael D. Lockett approached the officer’s police cruiser – thinking that this was his Uber ride to skate on out of the scene.

Tenafly Police Chief Robert Chamberlain said:

“Upon reaching the patrol car, [Lockett] said he thought it was his Uber.”

After coming to the realization that this police cruiser was not his Uber, Lockett was alleged to have dashed away from the area while ignoring Officer Fidel’s commands to halt.

It is reported that the suspect attempted to conceal himself behind a residence nearby, before allegedly running through various backyards. It was at this point that a Bergen County sheriff’s K-9 was brought into the fold to help locate the suspect.

Law enforcement officers on the scene began to follow a trail of footprints left behind in the snow, with Officer Jason Heese being afforded credit for locating Lockett as he was hiding beside a bush.

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Michael D. Lockett - Tenafly Police Department
Michael D. Lockett – Tenafly Police Department

Lockett was subsequently charged with resisting arrest and obstruction, and is currently being housed at the Bergen County Jail. The suspect in question reportedly has a history of being on the wrong side of the law, having just been released from prison back in October of 2020.

Some of Lockett’s prior arrest convictions include drug offenses, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault with a weapon, conspiracy and numerous other offenses.

Chief Chamberlain was said to have extended accolades to both the Englewood Police and the sheriff’s office for assisting with the offender’s apprehension.

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Speaking of strange criminal cases/investigations – a series of arrests from back in December brings a whole new meaning to a “crime family”. Imagine, if you could, an alleged organized crime ring…to support a band of miscreant’s methamphetamine addictions. 

Well, that’s exactly what police say occurred in Denver, Colorado. 

Here’s that previous report from December of 2020. 


DENVER, CO – A group of 12 people were recently indicted for a slew of charges – reportedly 92 charges between the 12 suspects – for allegedly operating as a criminal enterprise to support their respective meth addictions.  

This alleged crime syndicate referred to themselves as “The Family”, and were alleged to have nearly run the gamut of criminal conduct associated with organized crime. 

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The outfit are alleged to have engaged in identity theft, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, carjackings, extortion, assaults and more – as well as also allegedly violating Colorado’s Organized Crime Control Act. 

Said alleged criminal acts were purported to have occurred between April 2019 and October 2020, according to a statement from the Denver DA’s office:

“The defendants are accused of committing identity theft from more than 240 victims – mainly through mail theft – and of stealing more than $550,000 in vehicles. They are also accused of stealing and selling weapons, bicycles, sports memorabilia, jewelry, electronics, money and other items.”

From what the DA’s officer alleges, 38-year-old Sarah Marie Lore was the head of this outfit. Lore was known as “Street Mom” by the group, allegedly, having reportedly brokered deals involving selling stolen goods attained by the group. 

Lore was said to have referred to the other within the group as either her “Street Sons”, “brothers” or “sisters”. They were said to have all shared living quarters together, along with other amenities like food, money and clothing. 

Sarah Marie Lore mugshot
Sarah Marie Lore – Denver DA’s Office

Investigators also alleged that the group maintained a rental locker where various items were stored, among them being a notebook with detailed instructions on how to commit various fraudulent schemes. 

Another unsavory attribute alleged against Lore by police is that she served as the de facto enforcer for “The Family” – employing acts of violence against the alleged criminal enterprise’s members who may have stepped out of line. 

The other defendants in the case were identified as: 

Estevan Barrientos, 23-years old

Estevan Barrientos mugshot
Estevan Barrientos

Sherry Beth Swain, 36-years old

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Sherry Beth Swain mugshot
Sherry Beth Swain

Martynas Calka, 22-years old

Martynas Calka mugshot
Martynas Calka

Brian Hernandez, 30-years old

Brian Hernandez mugshot
Brian Hernandez

Dakota Maurice Hoffman, 27-years old

Dakota Maurice Hoffman mugshot
Dakota Maurice Hoffman

Misha Nicholas Lamanna, 41-years old

Misha Nicholas Lamanna mugshot
Misha Nicholas Lamanna

Derrick Leo Mowery, 33-years old

Derrick Leo Mowery mugshot
Derrick Leo Mowery

Clifford James Puppe, 36-years old

Clifford James Puppe mugshot
Clifford James Puppe

Kimberly Jean Redd, 30-years old

Kimberly Jean Redd mugshot
Kimberly Jean Redd

Matthew David Sanchez. 34-years old

Matthew David Sanchez mugshot
Matthew David Sanchez

Christopher Lee Wallman, 39-years old

Christopher Lee Wallman mugshot
Christopher Lee Wallman

Each of the individuals are being tried separately, according to the DA’s office. At least eight of the individuals indicted were said to have been on probation at the time of their indictment. 

Credit for the investigation into the suspects was afforded to the Broomfield Police Department; United States Postal Inspection Service; Colorado Bureau of Investigation; Denver Police Department; RAVEN Task Force; North Metro Drug Task Force; Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office; Arvada Police Department; Aurora Police Department; Lakewood Police Department; Thornton Police Department and the Colorado State Patrol.


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