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Dr. Marilyn Singleton: With Covid, ‘it looks like we’re being groomed for more authoritarian control’


Covid-19 isn’t just a healthcare problem. It quickly morphed into a political play early on and has persisted in being used as a tool through which authority-minded politicians can advance and sustain their power. We’ve seen examples from coast-to-coast, particularly at the state and local levels. From New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to California Governor Gavin Newsom and several others in between, promoting draconian policies against businesses, schools, and individuals continues to be prominent. I had the pleasure of discussing this with Dr. Marilyn Singleton on the latest episode of NOQ Report.

Dr. Singleton is well-qualified to express her perspectives on the issue. She was president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. With a M.D. from UC San Francisco Medical School and a J.D. from UC Berkeley Law School, she has expertise in both the medical and legal arenas. Based on her experience and understanding of the current state of affairs in America with the pandemic raging, she is not a fan of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“I think he should have been fired months ago, but that’s where the politics enters,” she said. “And I’m sure the President thought ‘if I fire this guy, anything that happens after this, it’ll all be on me.’ And Fauci, it’s kind of interesting listening to him now. He talks in kind of this third person, as if it was someone else who was doing all the medical stuff last year.”

Dr. Fauci has famously flip-flopped multiple times on a plethora of issues. He was against using face masks before being for them. He was in favor of using multiple face masks before saying it wasn’t necessary. And with every passing study or decree from the Centers for Disease Control, his perspectives seem to change constantly.

“He seems not to know everything that he’s talking about, or if he does know he’s keeping things from the public,” she said. “I think the thing that was so appalling is in the beginning he said, ‘don’t worry about this, no need to wear a mask, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, have sex with people in Tinder.’”

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She continued, “It was completely cavalier. And then, all of a sudden, it’s this loss of memory, and ‘oh no, you have to do this, you have to do that, you have to wear a mask for the rest of your life, you have to stay on lockdown for the rest of your life.’”

But Dr. Fauci is simply an extension of the political side of the pandemic. His recommendations, heavily touted by mainstream media, many Republicans, and nearly every Democrat, rely less on the science behind Covid-19 and more on the political agenda at any given moment. With perspectives that are so mercurial, it’s a wonder that more have not called him out.

As a tool for progressive politicians, he has been able to help maintain a level of fear appropriate to keep us on edge. Unfortunately, keeping the masses at this level of fear has driven many to go over the edge. It’s conspicuous that numbers pertaining to drug overdoses, clinical depression, and suicide have suddenly become difficult to acquire. The last thing they want is for people to start asking more questions about the efficacy of pandemic policies, lest they risk losing control.

If we follow the true science surrounding this coronavirus, we see clear paths to be able to reopen and return to higher degrees of normalcy. But it’s a political form of pseudoscience that seems to be driving the decisions made at every level. Dr. Singleton believes she knows why this is.

“This should be reproduceable results and asking solid questions of people,” she said, referring to the proper way to study and react to Covid-19. “There’s epidemiological lists that should be gone through, and none of this is really being done. It seems like only the data that supports what the government wants you to do, and I just hate to say this but it looks like we’re being groomed for more authoritarian control.”

Public information regarding Covid-19 is limited for a reason. There’s a political agenda that holds primacy over the true medical considerations. They’re not following the science. They’re using the science for control.

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