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Harmonize explains why he settled on Kajala after being dumped



Bongo singer Harmonize has explained his reasons for dating Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala only a few months after parting ways with his Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti.

Speaking during a radio interview, Harmonize said he is attracted to Kajala because she is an independent woman.

The actress, he says, has her own money hence cannot be in a relationship for money or the fame.

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“Kuhusu Kajala naweza kukwambia of course I love her of course she is beautiful. Mwanamke ambaye nahisi kwamba yaani huwezi mshtua kwa gari, kwa pesa, au kwa u superstar she has been there, so that is the woman that I want,” said Harmonize.

The Bongo star broke up with Ms Michelotti last year after the singer confessed to have sired a child with another woman.

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He publicly confessed and apologised to his Italian girlfriend and to his daughter Zulekha for having been compelled to hide her from the world.

Sarah accused Harmonize of being a liar and a two-faced cheat saying that even after providing the singer with a good life he still went ahead and mistreated her.

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