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“Hundreds Of Thousands” Of Migrants From Central America Waiting For Biden Presidency To Storm Border


There are “hundreds of thousands” of Central Americans waiting for a Joe Biden Presidency to storm the American border, according to Mexican journalist Jorge Ramos.

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Ramos knows the landscape and knows that if Biden is confirmed as president, our southern border will be rushed again by hundreds of thousands of Central Americans. They know that the Biden policy of open borders and freebies for illegals is a virtual welcome mat for anyone from around the globe who wants to cross into America.

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Ramos speaks below about the future and it’s not good for legal American citizens:


Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving to President Trump.

The gaffe master was speaking about globalism and how great it is when he said, ” I respect no borders…and cannot be contained by any walls.”

Does he realize he just offended every man who defended our borders in World War 2?

We believe Joe because he said in 2015 he wants an unrelenting stream of immigration:

In February of 2015, Joe Biden opened his mouth and spilled the beans telling exactly what the Democrats have planned for Americans.

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