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January 12, 2021


On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, The media continues to cause more and more damage with their lies. This program has always insisted on adherence to the Constitution. All violence should be condemned, all efforts to block the free exercise of speech, not even the first amendment, but simply speech overall should be condemned. The 2020 election had serious constitutional issues, and it’s legitimate and necessary to raise those issues, and our elected officials in government need to correct it and follow the Constitution. Then, as outlined in “The Liberty Amendments”, the Convention of States movement is a civil and Constitutional way to bring about change in our government. Mitch McConnell always gets good press in The Washington Post because he plays ball with the Democrats; he supported Gerald Ford instead of Ronald Reagan, he went to war with the Tea Party, and now he’s supporting Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment effort. Later, Pollster to President Trump, John McLaughlin joins the show to discuss new polling that shows that 70% of those surveyed believe technology companies have too much power and need to be regulated. McLaughlin says that the President has been steadily gaining support despite the smears by Washington politicians and the media. Afterward, Secretary Mike Pompeo has indicated that Iran is on the move funding operations to secretly ramp up their nuclear program and fund proxy antagonists. One of the lead brokers of the controversial Obama-era Iran deal is now being floated for CIA Director.

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Fox News
McConnell believes Trump committed impeachable offenses, supports Democrats’ impeachment efforts

Right Scoop
“Trump is not guilty of inciting a riot” – Former DC prosecutor with history of convicting protesters for incitement

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Fox News
House GOP leadership won’t lobby members to vote against impeachment

Review Journal
Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Convention Visionary And Philanthropist, Dies At 87

Review Journal
Dr. Miriam Adelson: ‘Farewell, my darling, my one true love’

Dems eye punishing Republicans who challenged Biden’s win

Daily Caller
Biden Has Ties To 5 Major Tech Companies

Washington Examiner
Exclusive: 60% call impeachment a ‘waste of time,’ Big Tech backlash for censoring Trump

Washington Free Beacon
Iran Is Al Qaeda’s New Home Base, Pompeo Says

Washington Examiner
Biden CIA pick led secret ‘back channel’ negotiations for Iran deal

Biden team launching push to confirm national security nominees ASAP

American Conservative
The Lincoln Project’s Predator

Right Scoop
MSNBC Analyst: Trump supporters need to be ‘deprogrammed’

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Michelle Obama calls on tech giants to permanently ban Trump

Warnock, Ossoff Boosted in Georgia After Decades of Mass Immigration

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Love-fest is OVAH! Don Lemon makes a ranting Chris Cuomo look stupid in segment on free speech and it’s painfully HILARIOUS (watch)

Red State
With Alarming Speed the Media and Tech Corporations Fully Embraced the Concept of Censorship

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