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January 14, 2021


On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, There is a full-on assault on the American way of life. We The People believe in virtue and the civil society. Yet, historically Mark Levin has been threatened by Klansmen, neo-confederates, and radical militia-types. But, overall most Americans don’t support those radicals; they just want peace and tranquility. The truth is that one can support a wall and legal immigration without being a racist. One can support voter ID laws without being a racist. One can support law enforcement without supporting any abuses of power and not be a racist, but the media will have to think that you can’t. A distinction must be made between those that peacefully marched in Washington and the insurrectionists that broke into the Capitol building because they are not one and the same. Then, the left within the media has been inciting and normalizing violence for quite some time. In a new recording released by Project Veritas, reveals that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits that Twitter is actively focused on silencing President Trump and then shifting their attention to his supporters in order to control the “divided” national conversation. Meanwhile, New York City Antifa and the Ayatollah’s Twitter account has not been tagged, flagged, or removed, despite their calls for death to America. Nor was Joe Biden suspended from Twitter for comparing two US Senators to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Later, Joe Biden’s irrational big-Government speech offering a few billion dollars to be distributed amongst the people will only hurt Americans. This plan will not work once a city or state is bailed out by the democrats because they will never reform their spending. This mass distribution of wealth will ultimately result in inflation. Afterward, the violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter must be put down. Democrats don’t mind violence if it’s for their cause. They didn’t call to defund Capitol Police that protects them, the way they called to defund the cops in major cities. The Democrat mob caused riots at Trump’s inauguration in 2017 and President Obama didn’t call in the National Guard for it. Conservatives reject all violence.

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