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Jen Psaki Challenged on Biden Putting Migrant Kids in Cages, Claims They Aren’t Cages


Prepare to hear “it’s okay when Joe Biden does it” a lot. Also, it’s NOT “inhumane” or “racist” when Biden does it. As opposed to his predecessor. I’m sure you remember the drama of President Trump literally putting migrant children in cages with his own two hands. All of those “babies in cages,” that was the worst human rights abuse EVAH. Of course, some of the photos shared were when Obama put kids in cages, which the media claimed he never did. But that’s all in the past! An “independent” “fact” checker might even call that whataboutism.

We’re here to talk about Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden currently sits at the Resolute desk and his administration just opened child migrant holding facilities. “What’s the difference,” asked Fox News’s Peter Doocy. According to circle-back girl Jen Psaki, it’s not “kids in cages” when her boss does it.

REPORTER BRO: Why is it okay for your guy to keep kids in cages?

BRIDE OF CHUCKY: Define “cage.”

Set aside the part about COVID. Though if Sarah Huckabee tried to use COVID as an excuse during “kids in cages” -gate, Brian Stelter would implode. Technically, Jen Psaki’s telling the truth. The Joe Biden administration is not keeping migrant children in cages.

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They look more like shipping containers.

Not that shipping containers can’t be turned into homes. I’ve seen it happen on Texas Flip ‘n’ Move. I just don’t think that’s the case here.

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I get that dealing with the border is tricky. You would think we can just enforce the rules that are already on the books. Protect the border like most other countries protect theirs. There seem to be two key problems. One is silly politicians using the crisis as a photo op. The other is most of the media deciding how much they care depending on who the president is. If it’s a president who tells them how much they suck all the time, it’s kids in cages. If it’s a president they need to prop up until Kamala takes over whose political opinion they tend to agree with, the issue is suddenly more nuanced and complicated.


Ten bucks the media is more concerned about where Doocy is employed than they are the kids in…shipping containers.

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