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Joe Biden Refusing to Release Statement Mourning Rush Limbaugh’s Death


The following article, Joe Biden Refusing to Release Statement Mourning Rush Limbaugh’s Death, was first published on Big League Politics.

Joe Biden’s White House is yet to release an official statement recognizing radio legend Rush Limbaugh after his death.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed she had no idea if the Biden administration would recognize Limbaugh when asked at a press conference. Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn, announced that he had died on Wednesday morning, following a battle with lung cancer.

It’s typical for Presidents to release statements mourning the deaths of those who win the Presidential Medal of Freedom after they die. President Trump released statements of mourning for the deaths of left-wing honorees who bitterly opposed him politically, including Georgia Congressman John Lewis. It appears President Biden doesn’t believe figures associated with Middle America are befitting of a Presidential statement at the hour of their deaths.

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Limbaugh hosted the most-listened to radio broadcast in the history of the United States for decades. One might think that an American who listened to by tens of millions of people and pioneered the medium might attract the most humble expression of presidential mourning, but apparently politics are everything for the Biden administration.

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The flag at the White House also isn’t flying at half staff to mourn the death of Limbaugh, although that practice is more rare and not usually implemented after the death of a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree.

President Trump already phoned into Fox for an interview commemorating the life of Limbaugh. He’s slated to appear on OANN and Newsmax this evening to discuss his friendship with the radio and broadcasting legend.

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