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Larwyn’s Linx: Elon Musk Rips Big Tech Censorship Of Conservatives


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Elon Musk Rips Big Tech Censorship Of Conservatives: Hank Berrien
Tulsi Gabbard Pulls Back the Curtain on Why Congress Won’t Act Against Big Tech: RS
The Autonomous County Project: Twelve Round

McConnell Said to See Impeachment as Chance to ‘Purge’ Trump from GOP: RS
A Crazy Impeachment: Byron York
Here’s Who Pelosi Tapped as Impeachment Managers: Beth Baumann

Officer with knee to George Floyd’s neck to be tried alone: THT
VP Mike Pence Rejects Pelosi Request for 25th Amendment Against POTUS: CTH
Chamber of Commerce to Nix Support for Representatives Who Support POTUS: CTH

The Daily Reformer  Chicago: 17 officers suspended after ‘lounging’ during June 1st riots – but here’s what really went down


Americans Supposedly Just Voted For Only Electric Vehicles: Duggan Flanakin
The World’s Next Electric Battery Discovery Could Be Here, Just Kidding: It’s a Massive Oil Find:
Ignore the Teachers Unions and Open the Schools: John Stossel

Scandal Central

President Trump, It’s Time To Declassify: Holly Robichaud
I honestly can’t believe Twitter just tweeted this. But Twitter just tweeted this: NTB
The world’s biggest gun forum was booted off the Internet because they can be.: NTB


Regulate Social Media Like Public Utilities: Betsy McCaughey
Glenn Greenwald Perfectly Sums Up Dems’ Love of Big Tech Censorship: Beth Baumann
Street Artist SABO Triggers the Left With ‘Say Her Name’ Poster: Victoria Taft

The Daily Reformer  Trump news - live: President goes on late-night Twitter spree after denying rift with Pence


Pompeo: ‘Al Qaeda has a new home base: the Islamic Republic of Iran’: Robert Spencer
The Economic Threat of China Does Not Call For a Military Response: Willis Krumholz
The Lords of Social Media Set America On a Dark Path: Bob Barr

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A programmer in SF has two guesses left to figure out a password that is worth about $220 million.: D
Initial Israeli data: First Pfizer shot curbs infections by 50% after 14 days: TOI
Denmark Introducing COVID “Vaccine Passport”: ZH


The Right To Remain Silenced: Stilton’s Place
Essayist and Blogger Kathy Shaidle Posts Her Own Obituary: American Digest
Or Maybe They Do: MOTUS


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