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Larwyn’s Linx: With Biden, teachers unions are getting what they paid for


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With Biden, teachers unions are getting what they paid for: Examiner
The Coming Military Purge: Christopher Roach
Yes, Acquittal Is Vindication: Roger Kimball

Another “Equity” Member Joins Biden Administration: Twisted Marcia Fudge: Jason D. Hill
NY Senate Passes Ban On Unfinished Gun Parts: Cam Edwards
CDC Recommends Putting Hosiery over Your Face along with a Mask: John Fund

Trump wins again at Democrats’ vindictive impeachment fiasco: Beth Baumann
Grenell lays groundwork for California gubernatorial run: Politifaux
Pelosi Slams Republicans Who Acquitted Trump, Torches McConnell: Madison Summers

Trump Lawyer’s Home Vandalized Amid Wave Of Death Threats: ZH
President Trump Attorney Michael van der Veen Discusses Trump Acquittal: CTH
A Message From President Trump After Acquittal: “Our Movement Has Only Just Begun”: CTH

The Daily Reformer  Alex Azar on Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Coverup of Pandemic: We Learned About the Coronavirus From Taiwan


“Power Bills To The Moon”: Chaos, Shock As Electricity Prices Across US Explode: Tyler Durden
HHS to reopen barely used $300 million adolescent migrant ‘overflow facility’: Sophie Mann
Roaring Kitty to testify on GameStop alongside hedge fund managers: Reuters

Scandal Central

Democrat Strategy for Impeachment Comes From Racist Senator Who Sought Black Genocide: Daniel Greenfield
McConnell hints at criminal prosecution for Trump; assigns him responsibility for Capitol breach: Emily Brooks
7 Uniparty Senators Vote Guilty: Burr, Collins, Cassidy, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse and Toomey: CTH

Biden and Big Tech Are Coming for Us: Jonathan Garthwaite
I’ve Been Banned By Twitter. You’re Next.: Wayne Allyn Root
Just Another San Francisco Corruption Scandal: WPIX Channel 5

The Daily Reformer  Omar says “the American people have decided to put us in charge to say we want to see something different and we can’t disappoint them”


Democrats: The Party of Attack Imagery, and Outright Attacks: Jeff Davidson
Michigan Ammo Maker: No Bullets For Biden Voters: Cam Edwards
Tonight We Dance: CTH


Biden Makes History: First President in 40 Years to Punt on Contacting Israel: Adam Kredo
US spy-busters put Chinese ‘grad students’ under a microscope: Richard Bernstein
Iran’s richly funded hollow propaganda horn: AT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Sound of Settled Science: Richard Fernandez
It works: 0 deaths, only 4 severe cases among 523,000 fully vaccinated Israelis: TOI
Canadian regulator clears launch of world’s first bitcoin ETF: investment manager: Yahoo!

The Daily Reformer  Largest State-Run Chinese Newspaper Laughs At Trump In First Reaction To Biden ‘Win’


What pictures prove kindness costs nothing but means everything?: Supriya Singh
A Reminder About The Importance of Fellowship: CTH
Happy Snowy St. Valentine’s Day: MOTUS


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