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Minneapolis Spends $6.4 million On Police After Spike In Crime


Due to public outcry and political pressure, it wasn’t two weeks after the senseless killing of George Floyd that the city of Minneapolis decided it was going to right the wrongs of America and dismantle the police. As they saw it, people didn’t need to be policed and the officers were doing very little to help protect the city around them. Well, as you may have guessed, their plan for a better, brighter tomorrow exploded in their face and now the city is looking to spend millions to do what exactly – revamp their police force.

While most already know that a city without a police force is destined to fail, Minneapolis was gripped by the woke culture that is spreading through the nation. As they saw it, it was their responsibility to right the wrongs of past generations. As the people cried for police reform, city council members caved to the pressure saying, “Minneapolis Police Department cannot be reformed and will never be accountable for its actions. It’s time to begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department.”

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As you can imagine, the people rejoiced as they ridiculed and mocked officers who do nothing but put their lives on the line every day. Given the constant shame and hate from the left, several officers decided to quit their jobs. As of now, MPD only has a little over 600 available officers at their disposal. While that might sound like a lot, it is almost 200 short of what they regularly have.

Since the nightly riots and protests that saw the 3rd precinct police station burned down, the city council is having a change of heart. They no longer want a world free of police or authority as they recently approved a $6.4 million budget to help boost their – police force.

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That’s right, it appears that the world the left and woke culture continue to preach is a shame full of corruption and violence. Just in November alone, the city saw a surreal 537% increase in carjackings and violent crimes. But again, this is the world of tomorrow. Where are all the happy faces and rainbows we were promised?

While they have a long road ahead of them, the city hopes that the new budget will help them hire officers that encompass the true nature of a protector and guardian of the people. As Deputy Police Chief Amelia Huffman said, “the applications will help us to really feel confident that we are recruiting the kinds of candidates we want right from the beginning.”

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on February 15, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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