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Opinion: Pelosi Afraid To Lose House Reps To Biden Admin; I Thought She Had Arrows In Her Quiver


It seems the civil war within the Democratic Party is off and running as insiders have accused Rep. Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., of pressing Dems to stay in their House seats to save their fragile majority.

A party official who claims they were briefed by Dem congressional reps said that “Nancy is telling House members, ‘Now is not the time to leave,’”

Another so-called insider claimed Hoyer told the Biden transition team not to go after its members due to the party’s slim majority following the Nov. 3 elections.

Here’s my take. The Democratic Party is disintegrating.

They have invited extremists into their party thinking it would give them greater numbers, more power but they didn’t realize then that they would take it over. For decades they’ve been shifting from a democratic philosophy to Marxist idealism and the momentum is now too great for them to control. America won’t accept Marxism, Communism is the antithesis of a Republic or Democracy.


Since our nation was born, people have immigrated here because of our ideals, the Democrats claim every other nation hates America, yet their people overwhelm us at our borders and through legal immigration. America is not evil, we are a nation built on the idea of freedom and justice for all. Communism is based on a few in the Central Committee dictating how the people live. Read Karl Marx and there is no argument, look at the history of nations that followed his teachings and you’ll see poverty, death, and loss of freedom for the people, and you’ll see those people dreaming of coming here. With 22+ years serving in our military I wouldn’t change my path for anything else.

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That said, the next four years will be a challenge for all that believe in restoring America to its former glory.

The proponents of change are not the majority, but they speak out with their radical, liberal agenda. The only hope we have in preventing a significant change in our country is to maintain control of the senate and hope that at least some Democrats in the house do not support this liberal agenda. YOU can help. Most Americans do not embrace the changes on the table; you need to be speaking out as much as you can.

I would love to see peaceful protests to make sure our Congress and our President understand that they work for the people, and the people do not want this.


We need to do something too about the media in this Great Nation and the fact that Journalists cannot and do not do what good journalists do, and that is dig and uncover the truth in things. Hollywood needs to hear us loud and clear, as well as our Universities who brainwash out youth. Social Media is another issue, as well.

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Well, I’m all for peaceful protests, en masse—all good. Highly preferred to what is really needed to shut down the country like the Democrats have done and starve out the left-liberal Antifa/BLM mob.

It’s interesting to note that those Democrats who lost their house seat are mostly from the Red areas of their respective state. It reveals just how many Conservatives there are in the so called ‘blue’ states. If one would view a red and blue county by county map of political affiliation, huge areas of Democratic stronghold states are ‘red’ in areas away from the urban sprawl cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, etc. Knowing the political history of Biden I see absolutely no issue that he, or his administration will do to improve our Nations current embattled Conservative population. In all likelihood it will get worse.

This is more reason I would like to see a nonpartisan Speaker of the House. When they are voted into that seat, they should be required to vow an Oath of Nonpartisanship. Disavow any allegiance to any political organization, fully devoting their attention to the business of the house. The Speaker should be concerned with the smooth operation of the House of Repersentives and the people’s business, not to partisanship and special interests.

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All of the committee chairpersons in Washington should also be required to vow the same Oath of Nonpartisanship. In committees like the Judiciary for instance, there should be a nonpartisan chair to insure that the People’s business is attended to in an efficient manner. Without the partisan bickering and gridlock.

Partisanship is the biggest cause for the dysfunction in our government. Vow an Oath of Nonpartisanship.



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