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Oregon business owners: State officials know lockdowns don’t slow spread of coronavirus


(PJ MEDIA) – According to a trade group email, Oregon’s governor and health officials know that lockdowns of “non-essential” businesses won’t slow the spread of the CCP coronavirus or stop the Chinese pandemic. They impose these diktats anyway, however, because Governor Kate Brown (D-Portland) is “essentially putting Oregonians in time-out by taking away things that we like not because they are dangerous, but because we weren’t staying home enough.” In this Orwellian dystopia, state officials believe the government has the right and the power to force compliance among healthy people during a pandemic.

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One small business owner, who runs a bar and restaurant, told PJ Media, “My business is being shut down to ‘make it hurt’, not because it’s a risk. Now myself and all my employees are out of work before Christmas.” This is a clear reference to President Barack Obama during the government shutdown of 2013, who famously intended to “make it hurt” when he ordered national parks, monuments, and facilities closed to make the Republicans look like the bad guys.

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In an email to its members, a health club in the Portland metro area reacted to Governor Brown’s order from last Friday in which she announced that gyms, health clubs, salons (but not barber shops) and other businesses would have to close for several weeks.

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