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Pennsylvania Secretary of State Allegedly Allowed Special Interests to Altar Voter Rolls Resulting in False Biden Lead


A national conservative organization, The Amistad Project, today filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit filed for President Trump in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar actually documented her interactions with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

The motion says:

“Defendant Kathy Boockvar, without statutory authorization or legal authority, provided select organizations that have close ties to the Democrat Party and common goals, to directly access the Commonwealth’s SURE system.” 

The Sure System aka Statewide Uniform Registry of electors is used to compile lists of confidential voter information including name, address, e-mails, telephone, precinct, and voter identification numbers. If you wanted to manufacture votes, that information would be vital to your clause.

Phil Kline, Director of the Amistad Project said:

“Allowing private, third parties access to state voting rolls clearly provides a tool for massive election fraud and threatens election integrity. This is disturbing evidence that demands investigation, regardless of the impact it might have on the outcome of the election.”

The motion, supported by two accompanying affidavits from statistics and mathematics experts, states that analysis thus far reveals that 114,508 to 131,172 ballots were tampered with or improperly cast. President Trump trails Joe Biden by fewer than 82,000 votes.

The analysis and investigation are still ongoing and may very well reveal more improper ballots.  In addition to obvious questions about election integrity, the suit highlights the disparate impact Boockvar’s efforts had on Democratic versus Republican voters. Had Republican strongholds been treated in the same manner as the Secretary of State and her allies treated Democratic strongholds, Pennsylvania’s results would be very different. 

The motion reviews numerous systematic steps that the Secretary of State and urban counties took to benefit Democratic urban voters. The close relationship even resulted in Democrat partisans gaining access to the voter registry through organizations like Rock the Vote.

The motion requests that the courts order Boockvar to cease and desist in destroying information as part of replacing the Sure System at least until all matters on the 2020 election is under investigation.

“There has been a lot of noise about external actors hacking our election, but the terrifying truth is that this election was hacked from within, not without,” said Kline.

“Worse still, it was hacked by the very people charged with protecting election integrity.” 
REFERENCE: Case No.: 4:20-CV-02078-MWB, The Hon. Matthew W. Brann, in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.  The Amistad Project, whose mission is to preserve civil liberties, is an initiative of The Thomas Society, a not-for-profit national public interest law firm. For additional information visit

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