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PM Boris Johnson Hops In Bed With Bill Gates To Push ‘Global’ Vaccine Program!


The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, currently being criticised for imposing another lockdown based on questionable data, has met with Bill Gates to discuss implementing a global “health security” program using Britain’s G7 presidency to speed up the process.

Johnson met with Gates along with the CEOs of ten of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies to foment plans to roll out the vaccine for coronavirus.

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Every CEO agreed to commit to providing “fair” access across the globe to the vaccine when it is ready.

Johnson said that the opportunity the G7 presidency in 2021 affords Britain will allow the nation to spearhead a global health plan developed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the Wellcome Trust.

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The plan was unveiled by Gates at the UN in September, where he called for  overhauling big pharma’s capacity to manufacture “vaccines and treatments.”

Johnson hailed the effort as a “new era of collaboration for problem solving,” and “pandemic preparedness,” adding that it will be a “truly global endeavor” – READ MORE

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