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School District Removes Asian Students From “Students of Color” Category


A school district in Washington State recently removed Asian students from the “students of color” category and lumped them in with white students.

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The re-categorization occurred in a report from the North Thurston Public Schools on student growth to document how different students were performing. The report measured things such as participation in activities, office discipline referrals, test scores, and graduation rates.

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The report distinguished White and Asian students from Students of Color, and students of poverty from students of non-poverty. The “Students of Color” category includes Black, Latinx, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Multi-Racial students.

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One Twitter user called the move “racecraft”:

Another wrote, “I guess we are ‘white’ now.”

The North Thurston Public School district is comprised of 22 schools and 16,000 students.

The 2010 Census reported the race demographics in Thurston County as follows:

  • White: 82.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 7.1%
  • Asian: 5.2%
  • Black or African American: 2.7%
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native: 1.4%
  • Pacific Islander: 0.8%
  • Multi-Racial: 5.3%

District officials have since removed the report from their website and issued an apology.

“The intent was never to ignore Asian students as ‘students of color’ or ignore any systemic disadvantages they too have faced,” they wrote. “We continue to learn and grow in our work with equity as a public-school system and we will ensure that we learn from this and do better in the future.”

The report can still be found by clicking here.

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