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To Research, Or Not To Research





Activists in the so-called “party of science” want to cancel scientific research into gender dysphoria.

A UCLA study into the neurology of individuals suffering gender dysphoria is on hold after backlash from LGBT activists.

Conducted by two doctors, the study, “Gender identity and own body perception – implications for the neurobiology of gender dysphoria,” was underway until calls for transgender participants triggered activists.

A group calling itself “California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network” circulated a letter urging “that transgender community members and LGBTQ organizations do not advertise or participate in this study.”

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Other outlets jumped on the cancel-culture bandwagon, claiming the study “would have tortured transgender people for science” and that it’s “suggestive of a search for [a] medical 'cure,' which can open the door for more gatekeeping and restrictive polices.”

The study's stated intention was to increase “understanding of the neurobiology of gender dysphoria and the interactions between sex hormone therapy treatment, the brain, and the body phenotype.”

Author Selwyn Duke refers to transgenderism as MUSS — “made-up sexual status.”

In an op-ed on UCLA’s study being stifled, he observes those stopping scientific studies typically fear what researchers might discover.

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Selwyn Duke: “[T]he political 'transgender' movement is robbed of legitimacy if viewed as defined by a disorder. And 'curing' the MUSS affliction — whether via genetic, chemical, hormonal or psychiatric intervention — would end the movement completely. No 'transgenders' = no 'transgender' lobby.”

The Left's apparent fear of scientific inquiry into transgenderism is not limited to this side of the Atlantic.

In the United Kingdom, a psychotherapist is heading to the European Court of Human Rights to challenge his university for quashing his transgender research.

Citing political correctness, Bath Spa University refused to let James Caspian study individuals who regret their transgender surgery. 

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Caspian, a counselor, proposed the study after many encounters with remorseful transgender patients.

Those patients wish to restore their biological gender.

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