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Unifier Joe Biden Firing MAGA


Our wonderful new bipartisan president who promised to unify the country is taking a sledgehammer to all things MAGA – whether that means reversing Trump Executive Orders just for the sake of getting rid of them – or firing people.

Biden is getting rid of Trump appointees across government boards and agencies right and left because, well, because Trump appointed them. And in the future, maybe because they are too white.

Even though Biden doesn’t necessarily have the constitutional power to get rid of some of these appointees, since when has the Constitution mattered to a democrat? They will do what they do because no one ever stops them.

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What Biden is doing is unprecedented – a term that democrats love to throw around.

On the other side of the penny, the evil Dictator Trump never tried to remove any of President Obama’s appointees.

Imagine that – Orange Man Bad wasn’t a vengeful and oppressive tyrant like Biden and his puppet masters seems to be. 

And what more is coming in the future?

John Falcichio, Democrat Deputy Mayor of DC, says appointees of the Commission of Fine Arts has to go because they are too white.

In a letter to Biden, he says, “With these appointments, the CFA now consists entirely of white, male Trump appointees supportive of the former administration’s ill-conceived Executive Order, ‘Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture,’ which seeks to make our Nation’s Capital a mausoleum of neoclassical architecture.”

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden set up a jobs commission sometime soon. Not to open up more jobs for Americans, but to identify Trump voters in all state and government positions and fire them for being “extremists.” 

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on February 17, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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