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Video: Biden Refuses To Answer Questions About ‘Laptop From Hell’


Democratic Candidate Joe Biden refused to answer any questions Sunday regarding his son Hunter’s laptop, which was seized last year via subpoena by the FBI.

The Laptop is said to contain information pertaining to Biden’s ties to a Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate, as well as rumours of all sorts of drug and sex related images and video.

When a reporter attempted to ask Biden a question about the laptop he hastily walked away, milkshake in hand after a PR stunt.

Biden now appears to have gone into hiding, with reports suggesting he will not emerge until Thursday’s scheduled debate:

Earlier in the day, Fox News also authenticated a New York Post report concerning “an explosive email thread allegedly involving Hunter Biden” that seems “to outline a payout for former Vice President Joe Biden as part of a deal with a Chinese energy firm.”

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At a rally in Nevada over the weekend, President Trump said he is set to release of all the information inside Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he coined, Biden’s “Laptop From Hell”:

Former Trump attorney, Rudy Guiliani, who obtained the information from the laptop prior to its seizure by the FBI, has promised that more bombshell releases are coming:

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