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[VIDEO] Biden Supporter Depressed While Sitting at Traffic Light Watching Line of Cars With Trump Flags Drive By


Liberals are starting to feel the “burn” of the massive Trump enthusiasm that’s out there and they’re not handling it well.


For months and months now liberals have been listening to these ridiculous media outlets telling them Biden has this thing in the “bag.” It’s an exact repeat of 2016, and these people are falling for it AGAIN, no questions asked. Just blindly listening to the same exact people who constantly lie to them.

Now, as we get closer and closer to election day the “enthusiasm gap” is rearing its powerful head.

Biden supporters are finding themselves surrounded by a non-stop barrage of Trump supporters…car parades, boat parades, massive rallies, and on-line enthusiasm that’s through the roof.

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It has to be confusing to them – after all, they believe that Biden is 170 points ahead in polls.

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These poor, misguided people listen to CNN and MSNBC who are so out of touch with “America,” telling them night after night that the country hates Trump and is yearning for “change,” and the next day as they sit at a red light on some random highway they’re confronted by a massive and organic parade of cars with Trump flags driving by and they don’t know what to make of it.

I guess that would make anyone depressed enough to think of “death and funerals” right?

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And that’s precisely what happened to this female Biden supporter, who watched as the Trump cars whizzed by and likened it to a “funeral procession.”

Here’s what she said:  “I feel like these trucks driving around together waving Trump flags really resembles a funeral precession. #VoteHimOut #funeralprecession #TrumpIsNotAmerica”

Bonus, I love all the horns honking in support of the Trump cars going by! 😂

You can watch the video below:

Election Day 2020 is going to be a much harder pill for Dems to swallow than 2016 was.

They’ve doubled down on the radical lunacy and fluff-propaganda and have learned absolutely NOTHING from the last win.

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We’re going to be victorious.

Make sure you get out and VOTE and any Trump supporter who you know, call them and make sure they’re doing the same.


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