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[VIDEO] Don Jr. Reveals His Dad’s Plans to Punish the Disgraced GOP


The impeachment sham is over and you know what that means…President Trump will be making his big “political comeback,” and by the sounds of things, it’s going to be great, and the establishment hacks in the GOP are going to be running for cover.


Don J. appeared on Hannity’s show where he outlined what his Dad’s plan is to get rid of the America Last establishment losers who are destroying this country.

Grab your popcorn, because it’s gonna be good!

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From Big League Politics 

Donald Trump Jr. indicated that his father plans to fight for a nationalist ‘America First’ vision for the Republican party in the coming years, speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday night.

“Trump is going to keep pushing that America First agenda, fighting for the American worker,” said Don Jr.

Trump Jr. also revealed that the President would be ditching the feckless Republican establishment, jettisoning the dead horse after a series of betrayals during his presidency. The President’s younger son revealed that he had spoken with his father about his political plans on Sunday night, days after President Trump was exonerated in a sham Senate impeachment trial that ended in his second acquittal.

“He’s going to be pushing for candidates who will do that, not the random establishment guys.”


You can watch the video below:

The day of reckoning is fast-approaching for the traitors in the GOP.


And with President Trump’s help, guidance, and influence, we will eliminate these RINOs and replace them with powerful America First candidates.

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The MAGA movement is just getting started.


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