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[VIDEO] Lin Wood Declares Monday “Truth Day” and Introduces the World to His Genius Cyber Analyst Ron Watkins


The young man who is delving deep into Dominion software is a cyber analyst by the name of Ron Watkins, and attorney Lin Wood formally introduced him to the world today, declaring Monday is a good day for TRUTH.

We agree!


Mr. Watkins spoke with OANN and shared his alarming insights into the sketchy voting software “Dominion.”

Watkins says the main vulnerability of Dominion is the fact that “administrative access” is so easy for anyone to obtain.

Gee, what a great way to “guard” our elections, right?

And with this “administrative access” comes direct access to ballots and how they are counted.

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Oh, even more reassuring. 🙄


Mr. Watkins goes on to make a laundry list of other horrors surrounding this voting system…and as you listen to him tick off all of these vulnerabilities through so many different phases of the voting process, you can’t help but wonder how many other elections could have been impacted by this Godforsaken software.

You can watch the video below:

You’ll recall, a 2019 document revealed that Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar both called Dominion a threat to election integrity and called outy the fact that the software “switched votes.”

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This is real, folks. This is not some made-up business by Team Trump, people have been talking about this threat for a while now.

Yet, here we are using this software to pick our leaders and officials in many key states.

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And even more outrageous, the same people who expressed grave concern over this fishy, flakey software, are now telling you and me to shut up and accept the results of the 2020 election and are even mocking any concern or efforts to investigate the software.

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What does that tell you?


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