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[VIDEO] Sidney Powell Fires Back at Tucker Carlson, Claims He was “Rude, Insulting, and Demanding”


Last night Tucker dug himself a really deep and dark hole, and I’m not sure he’ll be able to crawl out of it.

Here’s what happened – last night Tucker used his show to pile on Sidney Powell and – many believe – he also demeaned Trump’s entire fraud case.


You be the judge…

Here’s what he said:

Now, some of you may say, “this is just Tucker being Tucker, he wants “facts,” because that’s who he is,” and I get that.

But here’s one problem with that theory:


Tucker slammed Sidney Powell for not coming on his show and providing evidence to back up her claims regarding the Dominion machine algorithm. However, when you file a lawsuit evidence should be presented in court first.

Especially in this situation, with such a hostile and angry media – yes, even Fox News.

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But before you go to court, it’s not at all unreasonable to share your accusations and lay out your case in “theory” that happens all the time, and Tucker knows this, which is what makes what he did by “demanding evidence” come off as ‘questionable” to many.

Keeping in mind that Tucker is fully aware of how courts and evidence work, what he did can easily be construed as a “passive-aggressive” attack.

I don’t think that’s a totally unreasonable claim, do you?

Add to that, Sidney Powell is now speaking out on the matter, and she’s saying that Tucker was “insulting, demanding, and rude.”

You can watch the video below:

Many people have noticed that a lot of conservatives in media and online “MAGA pundits” are not unified and standing strongly behind President Trump over this fraud situation.

It kind of feels like they just want Trump to “move on” and be done with this. It’s as if they don’t care that an election was stolen, and they just want to “get on with it.”

The right came together and fought for Justice Kavanaugh like a finely oiled machine, but now, even in the face of OBVIOUS fraud, many of these people have completely checked out and are just shrugging their shoulders like it’s no big deal.

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Doesn’t that seem odd to you?

I have been thinking about this and wondering why this was and I’ve come up with a couple of theories. The first is that these folks don’t want to “ruin” their “brands” by being labeled a “Q kook” by the media for believing Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Of course, these same people had no problem believing Rudy when he shared information from Hunter’s laptop…But now, they need hard evidence, or they won’t support Trump or even bat an eye over any voter fraud whatsoever.

I also think that a lot of these s0-called Trump and “America First” pundits were only in it for themselves. They don’t have the love and passion for the movement to fight when it’s hardest. I’ll admit, this current situation does require a small leap of faith – but it’s not a big stretch at all – you have to believe that well-respected attorneys know what they’re doing and wouldn’t make “wild claims” they can’t back up with evidence.

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But these so-called “conservative” pundits are intimidated by the media. They don’t want to take that small leap of faith and put their necks on the line. They don’t have it in them to do that, and they don’t want to be called mean names by leftist media journos who might mock and make fun of them.

These are not leaders. These are just opportunistic grifters who should be shunned and ignored in the same way they’re currently shunning and ignoring President Trump.


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