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[VIDEO] Trump Supporters Show Up To Biden’s Speech, Honking and Heckling Until He loses it


Joe Biden sounds very angry today in Pennsylvania.

He’s clearly still not happy with his disastrous debate performance on Thursday night.

But there’s something very “dark” about Joe lately. He’s always cast himself as “good time Joe” and that’s definitely not the case lately.


It’s like because his son’s laptop is in the hands of Rudy Giuliani, and a good chunk of the Biden family’s private business and personal affairs are being made public.

At any rate, no need to take out that anger and resentment on good Americans, just because they don’t support you, right?

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But that appears to be what’s happening today in Pennsylvania, where Joe is getting flustered by Trump supporters who are heckling him while he’s trying to talk to a small handful of his supporters.

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During his speech, Joe’s face grew twisted and contorted, and he said that as “president” he’d work just as hard for his supporter’s ass he would the “chumps” who were on the microphone…apparently, he’s calling out the large group of protesters at his event.

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You can watch the video below:

Why does he always “name call?”

I thought he was the big “unifier” guy.

Kinda hard to “unify” people when you’re calling them names, right?

Either way, this is not the attitude and energy from a happy-go-lucky candidate who’s 10-points ahead in the polls.

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