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[WATCH] After Facing Vicious Backlash From Viewers, Tucker Carlson Quickly Changes His Tune


Conservatives are absolutely DONE with Fox News.

They’ve been on a steady decline since 2016, but ever since this fraud election, they’ve dialed up their bias to 11 and viewers have seriously had enough.


As a matter of fact, the popular morning show “Fox & Friends” is now falling behind in ratings:

It started with their phony polls that were designed to uplift an Alzheimer’s patient, and then Fox revealed their true motives on election night with their crazy calls and non-calls, and let’s not forget that they were the very first ones to declare Biden “President-elect.”

Complete and utter traitors.

And now they’re paying for it.

Their ratings for their evening shows have gone down the much so that they’ve hired a PR firm to help stop the hemorrhaging.

Well, the hemorrhaging isn’t stopping because now their “morning jewel “Fox and Friends” is feeling the heat of rejection…They just got beat in the ratings by disgraced “Morning Joe.”

The first time in TWENTY YEARS.

Ouch. That’s gonna leave a nice big mark.


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And we all know this is just the beginning.

Especially after Tucker Carlson launched an attack on Trump’s top attorney Sidney Powell for failing to provide his show with the evidence he wanted.

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Check it out:


Tucker has since faced a tidal wave of backlash and responded with this lame response:

Yeah nice try Tucker, but that ain’t gonna work.

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You’ve already shown your true colors and conservatives can’t forget that.

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