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WATCH: Biden Wants Immigrants To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Before Americans


Thanks to President Trump, the United States is far ahead of other countries when it comes to the handling of COVID-19. While Trump was trying to push America forward, the Democrats had other plans and practically stole the White House. But even with the Democrats in control, a viable vaccine was made readily available to Americans who needed it most. That was at least the plan until Biden took office. Now, it appears that immigrants, traveling over the border, could receive the vaccine before many Americans.

It was great while it lasted. The American dream of being the best in the west and finally achieving our potential came crashing down when Biden won the election. Even with the mounting evidence of voter fraud, Biden gracefully took control of all of Washington, and with that – the vaccine.

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As you are about to see, the Biden Administration doesn’t care about the American people. They claim they want unity amongst Americans, but what they really want is compliance. Mask mandates and lockdowns have done very little to stop the spread, but they are continually being pushed by the Democrats.

A vaccine was even presented to them, ready to go by Donald Trump, and what did they do? Lost some of it and now want the remainder to go to immigrants. What to know more? Click on the video below.

What happened to putting America first? While it is important to share our knowledge and resources with other countries, we are not the world police. It is our duty to protect our home before trying to help others. But as Biden and his Administration see it – immigrants become citizens and that means – votes.

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Biden doesn’t care to put America first, he only cares about his image and what legacy he will leave behind once out of office. Don’t believe me? Look at the facts. What President, who cares about their country, would allow incoming immigrants to have access to dire medications before majority of the American people?

What Biden is doing should be all over the news and on the front page of every newspaper. But as the conservative purge continues, no news of the atrocities taken against the American people will be brought to light. Why, because that isn’t part of the agenda.

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on February 15, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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