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[WATCH] Jesse Watters Breaks From Fox News and Declares Biden’s Win a Fraud – ‘It Doesn’t Add Up’


It looks like someone at Fox News still has their sanity: Jesse Watters.

He has broken from many of his other colleagues and is declaring that Biden’s so-called “win” definitely looks fishy.


Just like many other Americans, Watters can’t understand how Biden was able to pull off the biggest win in presidential history, even beating out Obama and Hillary.

Watters also speculated over the sudden halt of counting in key swing states just as Trump was getting a lead.


Yeah, this is all looking extremely odd and it’s sad that Jesse and Tucker are really the only ones speaking up on it at Fox.

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Watch the video:

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Of course he didn’t mention how extremely odd it was that while Biden won the presidency, Democrats lost big in the House and barely made a difference in the Senate.

And there’s also the fact that Trump made huge gains with black, Latino and female voters.

But yet he still somehow “lost”…

From The Guardian

Let’s start with gender: across racial and ethnic groups, women shifted towards Trump this cycle. In the last election, Trump won white women by a margin of 9 percentage points. This year, he won by 11 percentage points. In 2016, Democrats won Hispanic and Latina women by 44 percentage points; in 2020 they won by 39. Last cycle, Democrats won black women by 90 percentage points. This year, by 81 points. That is, in a year when a black woman was on a major party ticket for the first time in US history, the margin between Democrats and Republicans among black women shifted 9 percentage points in the other direction – towards Trump.

Trump saw comparable gains with Black and Hispanic men as well.

Overall, comparing 2016 and 2020, Trump gained 4 percentage points with African Americans, 3 percentage points with Hispanics and Latinos, and 5 percentage points with Asian Americans. The shifts described in Edison’s exit polls are verified by AP Votecast, which showed similar movement among black and Hispanic voters this cycle.

This is such a flippin’ hoax.

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Any person who sees these numbers has to admit that this all looks incredibly fishy.

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