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Watch: Newly Uncovered Jan 6th Video From Inside Capitol Changes Perspective


This video really does change the perspective on what exactly went down during the Capitol riots.

While the media likes to portray the crowd and a rowdy, violent, mindless mob, this video certainly does show a different side.


While a Trump supporter is sitting in VP Pence’s chair, another supporter comes up and tells him to leave as that’s a disrespectful move and that we don’t need to make a point by stooping too low.

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Check it out:

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There were plenty of other conservatives who also found this clip to be very interesting:

You did well, nice clip sir. Respect is in order, and it works both ways.

This dude understands that when one person looks stupid, it makes the whole movement look stupid

I’ve seen several video clips from the Capitol and it’s so blatantly obvious that it’s a staged act. These guys are trying to act like Proud Boys or something but doing a bad job. FBI is still working around the clock to figure this bullshit out?? I think not.

Looks like a terrifying insurrection to me! Someone escort me to my safe space!

Bad Actors in a staged play


It’s hard to say whether this was staged or simply one man opposing the acts of many.

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But one thing for certain is that there’s many angles to this story.

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