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‘We talk about the stakeholders that MATTER’: Glenn Beck triggers long-winded Twitter rant for Davos criticism


When the world’s biggest and most powerful business leaders, CEOs, and politicians at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda 2021 take time out of their busy schedule to “address” your comments about “Stakeholder Capitalism,” you’re probably onto something.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck highlighted a video from the Davos Agenda in which the CEO of, Marc Benioff, said that capitalism as we know it is “dead,” and discussed the WEF’s ongoing push for The Great Reset. He also warned that the WEF’s “stakeholder capitalism” is setting up an oligarchy, where the economy is not run by the people, but by corporate-government partnerships.

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In response, the WEF’s Peter Vanham responded to Glenn’s claim on Twitter by laying out who the “stakeholders that matter” in stakeholder capitalism really are.

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Watch the video below to get Glenn’s reaction:

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