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Wilkow: Americans need help — so why is so much of COVID relief money being given away?


Maybe there would be more money for all the Americans hurt by the COVID-10 pandemic if all the “giveaways to the world” were cut out of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, BlazeTV host Andrew Wilkow said on the latest episode of “Wilkow.”

“The [nearly] two trillion dollar Biden-Harris plan is going to be the same wasteful spending as the 5593 pages that burned through the last trillion. We are going to get spending, on page after page after page, having nothing to do with helping one American citizen through the pandemic,” Wilkow stated.

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“Nobody voting for this is going to read it and the media is purposely promoting what sounds like, on the surface, a good-faith effort by the government,” he added. “Every non-directly COVID-related item should be in the standard budget and debated in the open, not rammed through using reconciliation.”

Wilkow went on to argue that the media blamed former President Trump for the out-of-control spending “designed by the Democrats,” the deficits they were racking up, and the unemployment rates after nearly a year of Democrat-run states “locking people out of their jobs and businesses.” And now, after spending trillions NOT helping “actual Americans who are actually suffering,” Democrats are getting ready to do it again.

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“Now another [nearly] two trillion of your tax dollars are about to disappear around the globe,” Wilkow told viewers. “And just like that, we’re going from America first, to America last.”

Watch a video clip from the the full episode below:

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